Details, details, details…

Photographer and professional nice guy, Pete Mauney, has shot all the artwork that will appear in the catalog for my solo exhibition at The Boca Raton Museum of Art that opens April 20th.  After two different shoots, Pete send us

Experimenting with form

I’ve had the idea for several years of playing with lightly attached fragments from various golf bags suspended from the face of a wood panels, which is otherwise completely covered with a ‘design’ or pattern of those same fragments.  This

New work for 2016

Three new pieces for 2016 as seen in the studio.  Scaling things up a bit for the first piece of 2016 – My Dilemma is 8×8′ and made in two parts. Inspired by my visit to The Whitney’s Frank Stella

Target 51

  This is Target 51. Made in a short about of time and covering 21 years of fear, doubt, anticipation and growth. When I was 30 years old my father, Charles A. McGill, Sr., died.  He was 51.  For the

Target Tondo, 1964 (January 2015)

Target Tondo, 1964 (January 2015)

 Target Tondo, 1964 represents the first 51 years on my life as an artist.  It is a self portrait.            

Black Tondo, White Tondo

Black Tondo, White Tondo

Both piece are 3×3′ and are brand new. They are very compelling to me and grow in presence as the days go by.  Both are heading to Art Miami with Pavel Zoubok Gallery.  The first two pieces to explore a

Ramping up in the studio…

After months of collecting new material and supplies, things are about to get busy in the studio.  Golf bags arent easy to come by and a lot of effort is made to acquire them and get them back to the

Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant received

Very happy to have received this grant in the amount of $20,000.  It will help me sustain my studio practice and acquire a few things I need here to document new work more professionally. I was able to have the

The Heads:1986 listing in NY Times features a pic of ‘Pigskin’

The Sunday New York Times listed the show at The Filed Library Gallery in Peekskill. If it were just a mention I wouldn’t have posted it but reproducing the image of this old painting makes the listing special for me. 

Recent piece featured in September issue of Art and Antiques

John Dorfman writes some very nice insights about the piece called, Sarcophagus for a Hooded Man, 2013.  Pick up a copy at Barnes and Noble.  It’s a very nice spread.    

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