Notable Articles

New interview with the Cultural Council of The Palm Beaches

Here is an interview for the #ShadesofCulture campaign buy the Cultural Council of The Palm Beaches.  The interview took place at The Boca Raton Museum of Art during my exhibition, Front Line, Back Nine which ran from April to July

Radio Interview this Sunday!

The Press Box will be hosting an interview with me this Sunday, May 29th at 9:30 am est.  The hosts, Judd Spicer and Matt McKay will be talking about ‘Sports and Society’ and how my work speaks to the issue

Featured Press

New York Times – “Club Negro – Experience the Freedom” Ken Johnson

Village Voice review of Shaman at Pavel Zoubok Gallery – R. C. Baker’s ‘Taking Some Hacks With Charles McGill’ – Published April 17th, 2013

THE GOLF WAR: Artnet Magazine review of TRAPPED – by Walter Robinson – Published June 1, 2012 THE PHATORY | APRIL 7 – JUNE 9, 2012 – Extended

The Final Tee – John Dorfman’s “Objects of Desire’ offers insights into the 2013 piece called ‘Sarcophagus for a Hooded Man’  –  September issue of Art & Antiques, 2013

Gallery Intell - Charles McGill at Pavel Zoubok Gallery

Off the Wall - John Haber - Charles McGill: Between Painting and Sculpture

Max-Art – Charles McGill at Pavel Zoubok Gallery until April 18, 2015

Max-Art – SHAMAN at Pavel Zoubok Gallery – Douglas F. Maxwell’s Art Blog on the NYC Art scene. March, 2013

Met Golfer Extra - Feature – Met Golfer Magazine EXTRA, March, 2013

Artillery Magazine - Review of Racial Imagery exhibition

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