Work began on Friday the 16th of September on what owner of The Bridge, Robert Rubin, affectionately referred to as, ‘Don King’.  This simple yet profound piece is made from found persimmon head golf clubs and old forged clubs from back in the day.  No club in the ‘bouquet’ is newer than 30 years and many are much older.  The second element is the native plant that was chosen from another section of the golf course and moved to this location – the waste bunker along side the 18th tee box.  It is one of the last pieces of art one sees when playing the course proper.  Other works, like Richard Princes’ enormous black ‘Blasting Mat’, made of recycled tires that hangs ominously from a vertical apparatus, is a stark opposite to its lush surroundings, can be seen from the 18th green.

‘Don King’ is a modest 6ft high and made over a two and a half day period.  The 60 plus clubs are all reminders of golf the way is used to be and more specifically, about club country clubs and the way most of them still are – but not The Bridge.  The persimmon wood club is a relic of your grandfathers country club and the exclusive and discriminatory practices that kept other people from joining.  The Bridge is the nemesis to this old way of thinking.  It is progressive and conceptual –  Tradition is not stale and pass down rather it tradition is redefined daily. The first annual car show that was held the weekend I was installing is a great example of this.  High end race cars, muscle car, sport cars and conceptual cars were all on display on the grass around the club house, the practice range and even around the 18th green!.  This is not how a golf club is supposed to operate – traditionally.  But this is The Bridge and ‘Don King’ fits perfectly into the conceptual, and actual, landscape.

There is an irrigation line that will water the plant regularly and we are working on an enclosure to partially seal it from the elements over the winter.  The piece can and probably will change over time making different arrangements of clubs lkikely. Each club is slid over a thin small steel rod that also allows the club to sway in the wind like the plant.  There is a copious amount of wind that comes off the Long Island sound so the piece will generate a lot of movement. The sand around the piece will be raked in a radiant circle from the base outward (as seen in the images). This will be done on a daily basis by the grounds crew.  They are great guys and are largely responsible for the upkeep of this beautiful course.

Here are some of the working install shots.

Don King installationDon King installation Don King installation Don King installationDon King installation Don King installation

A new commission completed at The Bridge, Noyac, NY

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