Note: At the end of this quiz your results will be tallied and appear on this page (you will be automatically re-directed). To review your results you will need to scroll down to the end of this text. You will be de-briefed and your score will be posted along with explanations. WARNING: Starting this exam represents a commitment to complete it.      Exam duration: 10-12 minutes.

Head Quarters a.k.a. Tête de Nègre

Examination Black

The following pages are designed to ascertain the applicants true nature relative to the Quintessential Black Identity Quotient or QBIQ.  In a time when so many people have adopted Black identity as a means of divorce from stale White Culture (or other similar ethnic divorces) it has come to our attention that distinguishing the true Black from the aspirant Black has become increasingly more difficult.

The word Nigger, for example, has been corrupted by over use (and blatant mis-use) amongst those of non-Black Heritage. Hip-Hop Culture, it seems, has inadvertently fostered an environment which has given license to the non-black to think, act, speak, look, sound, walk, dress, dance and refer to Blacks and non-Blacks alike, as “My Nigga.”  Issues such as this cannot be ignored or overlooked any longer.

Thus, our work has become even more painstaking in the order of maintaining what we believe to be the true essence of Black.  The importance of defining a true African-American identity has never been more urgent. Black culture, as we see it, is in a state that we find to be most disturbing.

Those who pass will be registered with the Certified Black Identity Community (CBIC) and will theretofore enjoy certain enviable and exclusive Black Social Benefits (BSB).  Also, passing applicants will be granted an official CBIC Membership Card that entitles them to the aforementioned BSB‘s (further details provided to the passing applicant only).

Those found to be of false Blackness will also be registered.  A CBIC member card will NOT be granted to those individual who post an insufficient score.  However, those wishing to re-take the exam may do so after the four-year Black List period has expired.  This period begins on the day this exam is given.

Please read each question carefully.  Any question not answered will result in an automatic disqualification.  Cheating or attempting to cheat will result in an automatic lifetime ban from Black Culture.  The committee has all encompassing authority to enforce the rules and guidelines put forth in this text.

Post-exam enforcement will be determined by several different covert agencies and compliance with their actions is expected.  Any person found to be attempting to “pass as Black” will be theretofore relegated to a permanent state of Negative-Black Individual (NBI). Their status will be registered with the Committee for the Enforcement of Certified Black Identity (CECBI).

Results will be tallied and you will learn your score once you’ve completed and submitted your answers. Explanations will also be provided.

Those wishing to proceed may do so at this time. Those who wish to abort may do so now and will be subject to the aforementioned four-year Black List period has expired.

You will be re-directed to the top of this page at the end of the exam. Scroll down to this section to review your results.

Part I: Generalities

Do you have dark skin?

Have you ever used the word yo?

Have you ever been slapped five?

Were you ever mistaken for an at-large felon?

Have you ever heard or told "a nigger joke" or been accused of having "nigger-lipped" someone's cigarette?

Have you ever used a hot comb?

When you were a child, was the name Don Cornelius ever heard in your home?

Was your grandmother from the southern portion of the United States?

Do the words Boy, Darkie, Coon or Spade have any negative impact on your psyche?

Have you ever had to fist fight over the issue of your skin color?

Were you ever given preferential treatment in any educational environment where you did not feel worthy of such treatment?

Part II: Origin

Were you born in _________?

What percentage of your hometown was made up of Black people?

Do you have what is commonly referred to as a "mixed-race background"?

Did you graduate high school?

At what age did your mother and father have their first child?

Were they married at the time?

Did both parents raise you?

If not, which parent raised you?

If neither parent raised you, were you raised by:

At what age did you learn to swim?

Are you now or have you ever been afraid of dogs?

Part III: Word association

For each of the following words, phrases or names, select one word
or name that best relates relative to your life experience.
Richard Roundtree was ____________________








Part IV: Fill in the Blank

And the _______ goes on.

Strawberry Letter ______

Nothing from ____________

Chain of __________

Between the ____________

Dancing ____________

They say that ___________ is a bad mother (watch your mouth)

_________ no stoppin' us now.

I know why the ______    _______ sings

Part V:

Which one of these does not belong?


Ethnic Quick Pick - Who and what are you?

Part VII: Choices

Each line two choices. Select one that best describes you preference.





Part VIII: In your opinion...

Now that the President of The United States is a black man,
should racial tension improve as a result?

Should non-Black parents raise young Black children?

Were you personally saddened by the death of Michael Jackson?

Should White children be raised in all Black families?

If a Black child goes to a predominately White school,
is he less likely to not know whom Fred Hampton is?

Part IX: Anatomy

On a scale of 1-10 where is your skin complexion?

Can your buttocks be more accurately referred to as a bootie?

How many times over the summer did you go to the beach
specifically to get darker?

Do you have sickle-cell anemia

Have you ever told anyone on the Mountain that you were
The Invisible Manchild of a Native Son's Tarbaby?

Part X: Figureheads

Who was the first Black American to win the The U.S Open Tennis Tournament?

Who was the first Black astronaut to walk in space?

Who was the first actor to win an Academy Award for best actor?

Best actress?

Who was the nations first Black millionaire?

Does the 'Not Guilty' verdict in the O.J Simpson murder trial
of his wife, Nicole Brown-Simpson and her friend,Ron Goldman,
make him innocent of that crime
and therefore, an innocent man?

Who was the first Black basketball player to play in the NBA?

Who was the second Black baseball player to play
in the Major Leagues?

The first Black to be credited with authoring
the first piece of urban graffiti was who?

Who was the first Black to be referred to as a Negro?

Who was the first Negro to be referred to as an African-American?

Who was the first Colored to be referred to as a Negro?

What was the name of the first African Slave brought to America?

Part XI: Speech

Provide the "proper" Ebonics word or phrase for the following:




Part XII: Complete the names of the following athletes







Part XIII: Prime Time

Which two of the seven is not a popular dance amongst Black people at any time in their history?

Which of the following are you least likely to put on your hair?

Which one of the following was never a Black tv sitcom character?

Which of the following was not a Black sitcom family name?

Which white actor was the first to kiss a black woman on television?

If a commercial cast featuring three couples (male and female) at the beach drinking soft drinks how many of the six people is a Black man and a Black woman?

Who was the first Black entertainer to have their own prime time show?

Part XVI: Situations

Answer the following questions as they relate to your experiences. Choose only one. This tests your PRR 0r Potential Racist Reaction. You walk into a drug store and are immediately followed by who appears to be a store employee. The person approaches you and asks, "May I help you?" What is your response?

You walk up to a high-end electronics store at two in the afternoon on a Saturday. The door has an electronic entry system which requires a button be pushed behind the counter in order to allow the door to open. The door only opens in this way. You discover this by try to push and pull the door a few times. You ring the bell and a woman comes to the door and without opening it says close to the glass door, "I'm sorry we' re closed." Do you:

You are in a relatives city visiting and you go to the local park for a pick up game of basketball. The players are all white. There are a totoal of 11 players including you. After a brief shoot around, two teams, consisting of five players each, are chosen. You are not one of the eleven. Were you not chosen because:

Do you?

How many times have you watched the show "Seinfeld"? circle one

Same question for the show "The Dave Chappelle Show"

Same question for the show, "Cops"

Part XVII: Sex

Which of the following people would you least like to have sex with?

Which of the following women would you most like to have sex with?

Part XVIII: Art

Which of the following descriptions is not Black Art?

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