After a long school and and a VERY productive 2013 and start to 2014 I am looking forward to a summer of rest but…. I’ve also committed to some teaching for a little additional cash for expenses.  I dont really need the money but since it was offered and it’s not a huge imposition on my time, I will do both and set that money aside for a few things I’d like to be rid of. Plus, I get to influence young artists and hopefully set them on a path of creativity and a life they didnt know what possible in the arts.  I am a big believer in doing art and letting the big cartoon of life play out.  Everything falls into place if you make art and the artist will always find their niche, whatever it is or is supposed to be.  In addition, art is evidence of the journey and there is nothing more truthful than the evidence left by an artist.

Summer of rest, summer of teaching

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